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Informes de campaña

  1. Acerca del seguimiento de correoespañol
  2. Acerca de la función de Apple para la protección de la privacidad en Mailespañol
  3. About the accuracy of geographic location data
  4. Adding notes to your campaign report
  5. Adding polls to a message
  6. Get Valuable Subscriber Feedback With PollsBlog
  7. Comparing two or more email campaigns to each other
  8. Differences between a hard bounce and a soft bounce
  9. Disabling tracking for individual links
  10. Discovering what email clients your recipients use
  11. Exporting addresses to a CSV file
  12. Exporting campaign report data
  13. Printing campaign reports
  14. How Direct Mail handles unsubscribes
  15. If a recipient is reported to have opened your email an unusually large number of times
  16. If you can't delete a campaign report
  17. If you can't track links in an image map
  18. If your email ends up in Gmail's Promotions tab
  19. If your email ends up in the Spam folder
  20. Processing bounce notices that are emailed to you
  21. Processing subscribe or unsubscribe requests that are emailed to you
  22. Resending an email to some recipients
  23. Sharing campaign reports with others
  24. Tagging a campaign for Google Analytics
  25. Entender y mejorar los porcentajes de apertura y clicsespañol
  26. Using a custom domain name for email tracking
  27. Viewing detailed open and click activity for each recipient or subscriber
  28. Viewing tracking data in chart form
  29. What to do after receiving a spam complaint