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What to do after receiving a spam complaint

When one of your recipients reports your email as spam, you will be emailed a spam complaint and the recipient that reported the complaint will be listed in in your campaign report.

It's important to take these complaints seriously, as high numbers of complaints or a long history of complaints can harm your email reputation and may even result in email providers blocking emails from you.

After you receive a spam complaint, Direct Mail will automatically unsubscribe that person from your mailing lists in the Direct Mail project that the offending campaign was sent from. If you have multiple Direct Mail projects, you should make sure that person is removed from all your lists.

Please also take a moment to review our acceptable mailing list guidelines. If you have addresses on your list that do not meet our guidelines, they should be removed.

If the spam complaint was a mistake

Sometimes subscribers will accidentally mark an email as spam. If that person contacts you and would like to be added back to your list, please contact our support team and let them know.

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