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About using Dropbox to sync your Direct Mail projects

We recommend our customers not use Dropbox to sync their Direct Mail project files across multiple devices. The reason for this recommendation is that we have seen a number of customer projects become corrupt due to the Dropbox sync process. The recommended solution for syncing your projects across multiple devices is to use Direct Mail’s built-in cloud syncing service. You’ll enjoy fast, reliable syncing, plus extra features like team-collaboration, autoresponders, integrations, and more.

Direct Mail’s built-in cloud syncing service is available at no extra charge. To move your project to the cloud:

  1. Choose “File > Move To…” from the menu bar at the top of your screen
  2. Select “Cloud” as the destination
  3. Click Move

Why does the Dropbox sync process corrupt project files?

Direct Mail project files use a popular database file format called SQLite to save your data. Unfortunately, Dropbox is not able to correctly sync SQLite database files, and sync conflicts can leave parts of the database in a corrupt state.

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