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Reporting email abuse

Direct Mail should never be used to send spam, unsolicited, or otherwise unwanted email. If you have received spam that you believe was sent using Direct Mail, we want to know about it! Please notify us at and include the following:

  • The headers of the email that you received
  • The "raw source" of the email that you received

Click here to learn how to view the email headers and raw source in your email client. If you're not able to find the headers, you may also simply forward us the message.

We take every complaint seriously and investigate each report received.

How we prevent spam

We take a multi-pronged approach to preventing spam from ever leaving our email servers. Here are some of the ways we keep our email stream clean.

User Education

New customers are always sent our opt-in mailing list requirements, and our support center includes articles on permission-based email marketing, email reputation, etc. Our blog and regular email newsletter contain timely updates on email best practices. The Direct Mail app user interface alerts the user to potential problems before a campaign is sent (e.g. bad mailing lists, missing unsubscribe links, etc.).

Automated Systems

Powerful anti-spam systems monitor all outgoing email and can stop a campaign before it is sent if it appears to be harmful. Technical information (e.g. IP addresses or WHOIS records) and fraudulent behavioral patterns are monitored to predict and prevent inappropriate campaigns. Integrations with major ISPs, email mailbox providers, and anti-spam vendors allow us to monitor deliverability information (including spam reports) for each campaign and take action accordingly.

Human Deliverability Team

Our deliverability team personally reviews each spam report that we receive and can suspend customer accounts while we investigate the issue.

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