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About project language and time zone settings

By default, Direct Mail uses the time zone and locale settings that are set in your Mac's System Settings (Preferences). These settings are used for things like formatting numbers and dates, evaluating rules, and interpreting date and number values that have been typed into your mailing list.

When you move your project into the cloud, Direct Mail will "lock" those settings to their current value. For example, if your Mac is set to use Pacific Time and the U.S. English locale, then Direct Mail will retain and use those same settings, even if you open it from a Mac in a different time zone or country, or if you share it with someone in a different location. This ensures consistency in how your data is presented and edited. If the person opening your project is located in a different time zone or locale then what the project is using, the user interface will update to let them know.

If desired, you can manually edit the time zone and locale settings for your project:

  1. Choose File > Project Settings from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. Choose your desired Time Zone and Locale. We recommend using the default values (i.e. click Use Defaults)
  3. Click OK

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