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Creating a custom "thanks for subscribing" page

After a visitor subscribes to your email list, they are shown a standard "thanks for subscribing" page that includes the name of your mailing list and logo. If you want, you can instead redirect your new subscribers to a custom page on your website. Here is how to do that:

  1. Create a page on your website that you want new subscribers to be redirected to. This page should let the visitor know that they have been successfully added to your list.
  2. Once the page is created, open up Direct Mail and switch to the Addresses tab
  3. Locate your subscribe form and click Edit
  4. In the settings window that appears, switch to the Options tab
  5. Check the box that says "Redirect confirmed subscribers to URL:" and then paste in the URL of the page you created in step #1 above
  6. Click Update Form

Now when new subscribers are added to your list, they will automatically be redirected to the page you created.

Query Parameters

When the new subscriber is redirected to your custom page, the following two query parameters are appended to the URL:

  • e — The email address of the new subscriber
  • d — The subscribe form ID

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