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About project sharing permissions

When you share your Direct Mail project with other users, you can grant each user different levels of access into your project. There are four levels of permission you can choose from:

  • View: The user is able to view the contents of your project, but cannot make any changes.
  • Edit: The user is able to view and edit the contents of your project, but cannot send campaigns, start autoresponders, or create new design tests.
  • Edit & Send: The user is able to view and edit the contents of your project, as well as send campaigns, start autoresponders, and create design tests.
  • Owner: The owner has full control of the project, and is the only one that can share the project with other users or remove the project from the cloud. Ownership can be transferred, but each project can have only one owner at a time.

Campaigns are billed to the owner's account

All email campaigns, autoresponders, and design tests are billed to the owner of the project. If you grant another user permission to send campaigns from a project that you own, any campaigns he or she sends will use your email credits or monthly billing.

Changing the owner of a project

The current owner of a project can transfer ownership of the project to someone else. This is done by adding the new owner in the “Share” window and giving them the permission level of Owner. The current owner must then change their permission level to something other than Owner, or remove their name from the list of users.

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