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Using the "Editing an address" trigger

An autoresponder can be triggered when information about a subscriber changes. This could include changes like:

  • email address changed
  • name changed
  • data in a custom column changes

You could use this trigger for a variety of scenarios. For example, if you keep customer information in Direct Mail, you could trigger an email when something about that customer changes (like their mailing address, billing status, etc.). Changes made via Direct Mail or via our API (version 2) will trigger this type of autoresponder.

To use this autoresponder trigger, you will need to configure three settings:

  1. You will select which of your address groups to monitor for changes
  2. You will select which column to watch for changes (like first name, email, custom 1, etc.)
  3. You will select what kind of change triggers the autoresponder (e.g. "custom 1" equals "paid", or "custom 2" is not blank, etc.)

Members of your mailing list that have unsubscribed or hard bounced are automatically skipped.

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