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Design test pricing

The price of a design test can vary depending on what type of Direct Mail billing plan you have signed up for.

Design Test Pricing for Customers on the Unlimited Plan

Customers who are signed up for our Unlimited Plan receive several free design test credits each month when their plan renews. They can use these credits to run design tests at no extra cost.

If you exhaust the free design test credits, you can purchase an additional block of 5 design test credits which do not expire and can be used any time. Please see the Direct Mail design test window for up-to-date pricing.

Plan Design Test Credits
500 recipients 1
2500 recipients 2
5000 recipients 4
10000 recipients 6
25000 recipients 10
50000 recipients 15
contact us for information regarding larger plans

Design Test Pricing for Customers on the Pay Per Email Plan

Customers who are signed up for our Pay Per Email Plan can pay for design tests using their email credit balance. Each design test will debit 200 email credits from your email credit balance.

Design Test Pricing for Customers on the SMTP Access Plan

Pricing for customers on our SMTP Access plan is the same as for customers on our Pay Per Email Plan. If your account's email credit balance is zero, you will need to purchase 200 or more email credits in order to run a design test. Email credits can be purchased by choosing Direct Mail > Purchase Email Credits from the menu bar at the top of your screen.

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